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WiFi Security

Secure all devices with just one connection

Legal Protection

You’ll never be liable for your customers activity

Secure Browsing

All online activity is protected from cyber-attacks

Easy Setup

Securing your wifi is easy. You don’t need to buy any extra hardware or software; just plug in your Draytek router and activate ZenMate VPN Suite through your router’s menu - go from fully exposed to fully protected.

Full Protection

Your entire internet traffic is protected as soon as ZenMate is activated. You customers’ activity will be shielded from sight and your IP address will be hidden. Which means you can’t legally be held liable for what your customers do over your wifi, and your customers’ details will be protected.

WiFi Security

Connecting to the Internet using unsecured or public wifi can leave your customers vulnerable to hackers and fraudsters using the same network. ZenMate VPN Suite secures all connected devices, and provides a secure browsing experience for your customers - leaving you with peace of mind.

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